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Friday, September 17, 2010

Kebab of the Month - Chez Amis

Back in my early days of Prague existence, Chez Amis on Spálená 15 used to be one of my favourite places to go when I had the kebab urge. It wasn’t ever a patch on the delicious döner I knew and loved in Germany, but (along with the now defunct Dahab fast food outlet) it was among the closest to it I could find at the time...

Since then, the kebab market has expanded over the years, and I moved on to new döner dining spots Arslan and Istanbul instead. Still, I was in the neighbourhood the other day, and – bearing in mind my ongoing quest to find the best kebab place in Prague – after at least three years since my last Chez Amis stop, thought the place might be worth a re-visit.

In short – it wasn’t.

Granted, they do a brilliant range of Middle Eastern packaged products, matched only by Fatah delicatessen on Myslíková (I did wonder given the proximity if there is a connection with the place).

They also have a variety of decent-looking hot dishes out on display, including fresh houmous. I didn’t see it this time round, but I remember their börek of three years ago as being some of the best I’ve ever had.

I’d have taken a picture or two more, but at this point I was roundly scolded for my photographic temerity here.

But oh dear – the kebab itself...

Admittedly my falafel sandwich was pretty cheap at just 55 CZK, but in this case I definitely got what I paid for.

The falafel itself was OK, but the bread was just awful – all crust, horribly dry and unpleasantly chewy. I also didn’t like the fact that Chez Amis succumbed to the unfortunate habit of using shredded cabbage rather than lettuce in the salad. I’m not sure exactly what the pickled purple thingy was, but either way it definitely shouldn’t have been there...

I genuinely don’t remember them as ever being even nearly this bad (and am not just saying that cause the staff there told me off! ;-)) ) – in short, a paltry 3/10 on the kebab scale.

I guess there must have been an initial reason that Chez Amis first fell out of favour in my kebab books, and I do realize that I may be going against the grain of current popular opinion in my döner damnation here.

Let’s just summarize here by saying that in this case, absence from Chez Amis has not made the heart grow fonder, and next time I get the kebab munchies in this neck of the woods, I’ll definitely be walking those extra five minute to the far superior Pasha instead....

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