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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Kebab of the Month - Pasha

If I had to choose just one food to live on for the rest of my life, it would without doubt be the humble kebab. Not only does it meet all of your nutritional needs (pita for carbs, meat or falafel for protein, yogurt sauce, feta and halloumi for dairy, salad for vegetables, and - of course - jalapeños for kick ;-)) ), but it is also cheap, filling, tasty, and – back when I was living in Germany – thoroughly addictive. Back in the day I used to be able to polish off a generous döner sandwich for lunch, followed by a giant dürüm for dinner and still want more, but of course that was back when I was a student and could get away with that kind of unrestrained gluttony without any lasting ill-effects...

These days a döner is now an occasional treat, though I’ve kept an eye on the options out there in Prague in the meantime, and over the last year or two have noticed a few new places open up whose kebab quality is vastly superior to the hitherto characteristically down-and-dirty gyros places in the Czech Republic, occasionally approaching or even matching that of the divine German-Turkish hybrid kebab. In the interest of research / public information therefore, I have decided to embark on a quest to find the best döner kebab in Prague, reporting back to you, dear readers (if, that is, there are any readers), on a monthly basis via this blog.

First up for review was a new place I stumbled upon called ‘Pasha’ that has just opened up on the corner of Jungmannová and Charvatová.

On the inside and out it was very nicely presented, with a trendy seating area and an enticing food counter at the front of the shop.

Apart from the obvious kebab sandwich, they also had gyros platters, kebab skewers, Middle Eastern stews and casseroles, stuffed paprika, baklava, filled bread pockets and a very tasty looking börek on offer.

Despite extreme temptation presented by the börek, however, I valiantly stuck to the task in hand and purchased a chicken gyros sandwich for 85kč.

I have to say, I was pretty impressed. The home-made bread was fresh out of the oven, the gyros well done and crispy (can’t bear soggy kebab meat), the salad crisp and fresh, and the yogurt sauce plentiful. I was a very happy person indeed.

All in all I give Pasha a strong 8/10 on the kebab scale, with points deducted only on the basis that they don’t do any dürüm wraps or (my own personal favourite) falafel, and also got a little bit arsy when I took a discrete photo or two – some people just don’t appreciate free publicity! :-)) But that aside, definitely recommended!!


  1. These kebabs look yummy!

  2. very yummy, ill give it a try! thanks for the tip

  3. I live very close to Pasha and am in there often.

    It's quite good (exceptionally good by Prague standards), but just does not get enough customers to guarantee freshness (take a good look at anything sitting in the display before ordering).

    Also, they often only have chicken or beef doner kebabs on the spit at any given time, I assume for the same reason.

    Try the lentil soup (corba); a tasty Turkish specialty. It'll be hot and it doesn't matter how many they've served that day.

    Let's get some more people in here; they deserve our custom!

  4. if you are searching for best kebab in prague, don't miss the "istambul kebab" (politickych veznu 17, praha 1, www.istambulkebab.o1.cz). the best in prague i know.

  5. Thanks for the hint - will definitely check it out!

  6. It was still miles away from the kebabs in Dresden I used to enjoy there. The ingredients were there but did not come together well to create a kebab experience. They don't not have lamb either.

    I'm still looking for a real kebab shop in Prague. They have been rip offs so far. I'd be more than happy if you could prove me wrong!

    Looking forward you next kebab review

  7. Hi Whiskybar - I know what you mean, I still have to find that elusive perfect kebab in Prague. But I will carry on the quest and report back!

  8. I personally like Piccadilly on Opetalova, but I'll definitely try Pasha! Only thing with Piccadilly is they stuff in a lot of pickled cabbage, which I don't like. Next time I'll ask for normal salad. Their meat (usually chicken) is USUALLY good, although I've gotten it soggy before. Great blog!

  9. But do you know if the garlic sauce is safe after all you never what they have done in it :0