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Sunday, May 23, 2010

My Best... Croissants

Following on from my last bagel-related entry, I think it’s only right to give a shout out to Praha Bakeshop again on the basis of their croissants in all varieties, which collectively have spoiled me for all other croissants anywhere, forever, permanently.

Large, light, fresh, and available in butter, cheese and ham, chocolate, and apple varieties (varying from 55 – 70kč), Praha Bakeshop croissants are mine and Mr K's favourite way to kick off a lazy Sunday or Saturday afternoon, usually accompanied by a fresh orange juice for me (110kč) and a vanilla latte (97kč) for him. Bit on the pricey side maybe, but believe me every morsel is worth it!

I’ve also had salad combinations from their deli, houmous or tuna wraps from their sandwich section, as well their soups (Tuscan Bean and Pumpkin being two particular favourites) on occasion as well.

Unfortunately my experience with their cakes has so far been limited to staring longingly through the glass screen and wishing I had one of those enviable metabolisms whereby I could eat what I like and not have to keep myself in shape via strict calorie control and extreme exercise.

Put it this way, my love for this place is so utter and complete that when it came to making a decision to stay in my shared flat on the next street in the Old Town or moving to my own place in Holešovice, Praha Bakeshop was definitely taken into consideration as a very strong reason to stay put, and even two years on the ability to roll out of bed and into Praha Bakeshop for a morning brunch is still very sorely missed...

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