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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Viniční Altán

Moving on from last week’s winter warming entry, when I woke up to hot sun shining through my window the other day, I spontaneously decided to make a trip over to the Viniční Altán at Havlíčkovy Sady in Vinohrady.

This place has fond memories for me, as it was here two years ago that Mr Knedlik took me on our fifth date or so for (an admittedly rather late) breakfast. I think it was then that I realised that anyone who could face wine first thing without lining their stomach with something sensible like müsli or at least a slice of toast first was clearly meant for me, and that we were destined to live together in happy co-dependent bliss until cirrhosis do us part. See, don’t we look happy together (on our first Altán visit) here?

This time round I shared a 0.5l carafe Rýzlink rýnsky 2006 at 154kč with a visiting friend, a wine the vinný listek described as having a "bright yellow colour with a spark of rich flowery bouquet". Being a prolific drinker and at the same time notoriously poor critic, I can only concur... :-)) We didn’t have anything to eat this time, but I have had both the savoury strudel and French cheese plate in the past, both of which were nice nibbles to accompany the wine. As Brewsta says in his 2008 review of the place though, it’s really more a place to enjoy a nice glass of wine on a hot summer day and take in the view though than it is to eat.

With an upper hall for dancing and a large terrace that can be reserved for private functions, the place is understandably also a popular spot for weddings, and I couldn’t think of anywhere more appropriate in my case if I ever did decide to tie the knot – sadly am not the marrying kind though, so in the meantime we’ll just keep on heading down to enjoy for the wine for now... :-))

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  1. Great hint.
    Sauvignon blanc + french cheese platter + book = super afternoon