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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Střelecký Ostrov

Mr K, having a fondness for both prosecco and al fresco drinking, likes to go to Střelecký Ostrov of a sunny afternoon to indulge in a glass or two and take in the scenic views over Prague from their pleasant rooftop terrace, and in all honesty it’s not like he really has to twist my arm much for me to accompany him there either. We’ve not eaten there as yet due to the relatively high prices (if I'm going to splurge on a meal, I’d rather it be at SaSaZu), but it’s definitely on list for next special occasion.

Prosecco is priced fairly reasonably at 90kč a glass, which in our view is worth every crown for the rare chance to just take a little time out of our day and relax in the sunshine over a drinkie and a nice game of travel Scrabble or two (yes, we really are that sad...).

Views from the terrace stretch out from here over Narodní Divadlo and the peddle-boats round Slovanský Ostrov.

As for the Střelecký Ostrov get-up itself, while the outdoor terrace is duly sleek, fashionable, light and airy...

...I've still never yet quite worked out the purpose of the rather incongruous four-poster bed.

Unfortunately, our last two visits there have been slightly marred by a particularly sullen waiter whose sulky mizzog could literally sour milk (I rather uncharitably suspect that this is the reason why we had no strawberry in our prosecco this time round). Part of me feels the pain of service staff (after all, I’ve had my fair share of menial student jobs in the past, and years later am still an avid follower of the Waiter Rant site). However, when it comes to a place as purportedly high-end as Střelecký Ostrov, you would expect the waiter to at least attempt to leave that heavy chip on the shoulder at the door…

Luckily the sweetness of the prosecco still outweighs the sourness of certain members of the staff though, and so weather permitting, we will definitely be heading back for our personal little summer-time indulgence for the next few weeks and months to come… :-))

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