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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Thai Oishi

I had been planning to do a full review of part-Thai, part-sushi restaurant Thai Oishi at Palmovka (a second branch has since opened in Nusle), but as per usual Brewsta managed to pip me to the post here a month or so back... :-))

Still, a second look can never hurt, especially since I’ve got all the photos of my original visit with friends and fellow bloggers Prague Ginge and Girl in Czechland currently burning a hole in my hard drive still...

Interior is pretty basic, with the occasional tatty Thailand tourism poster stapled to the wall and the obligatory picture of the revered Thai king and queen clearly taking pride of place on the far side. Clearly the onus is more on the "Thai" here rather than the "Oishi".

It was pretty busy on the weekday evening we went, so we were glad to have booked in advance.

As per usual, Prague Ginge and I were on our house white at 35 CZK per glass, while Girl in Czechland decided to go with a 0,3l glass of Holba at 30 CZK. All fine here, except that it took rather a while for the (otherwise unfailingly polite) server to get round to taking our drinks order first time round.

Food-wise we decided to start out with a shared plate of mixed vegetable tempura at 160 CZK, though in the event this was actually brought out some time after all the other dishes had been served.

This comprised of a platter of battered onion, sweet potato, yellow pepper, broccoli and cauliflower, which was pretty good if a little on the greasy side. The accompanying sauce was unfortunately rather watery and bland, however, while personally I could have done with a bit of aubergine thrown into the mix – my personal favourite when it comes to fried veggie pieces.

For mains, Prague Ginge and Girl in Czechland split a selection of sushi, choices being tekka / kappa maki (110 CZK / 60 CZK each for six pieces) and a California salmon roll at 180 CZK.

I tried a piece of the salmon roll and thought the quality and quantity were both really good value for the price. The fish tasted pretty fresh, and the sushi as a whole came very nicely presented. Prague Ginge and Girl in Czechland also declared themselves as more than happy with their choices.

As for me, I was in a Thai mood that night, so went for one of my traditional favourites in the kaeng kiaw wan gai (or green chicken curry to you and me) with sticky rice at 160 CZK collectively.

Again Thai Oishi’s timings proved a little off here, as this came out sometime before the sushi platter, and I felt a bit bad starting before the others (on their insistence, of course!).

Apart from the rather incongruous chunks of red and green pepper in the curry, this was actually pretty much spot on – lovely and creamy, with just the perfect balance of Thai flavourings in the predominant lemongrass, kaffir leaves and galangal. Admittedly it could have done with being a couple of rungs up on the spice ladder for my tastes, but oh well, can’t have it all, and at least the sticky rice was authentic at any rate...

After his many and various meals at Thai Oishi, Brewsta concluded that the food here wasn’t necessarily good enough to go out of your way for, but it did constitute pretty good value for money and would definitely be a place he’d welcome to his neighbourhood.

As it just so happens, Palmovka is actually pretty much the current stamping ground for most of our current circle of friends, which by default seemingly makes Thai Oishi, with its casual atmosphere, decent food and reasonable prices, one of our new collective faves for a girlie get-together over plentiful wasabi and wine... :-))))

Thai Oishi
Novákových 9
Prague 8 - Palmovka
Phone: (+420) 775 217 919

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