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Monday, September 13, 2010

Troja Wine Festival

When long-standing partner-in-wine Prague Ginge suggested "wine festival" and "Troja" (one of my favourite places in Prague - previous review here) as a pleasant way to while away the rest of yesterday afternoon, it was hardly like I needed much persuasion to join her, especially as the weather was uncharacteristically warm and sunny after all these recent chilly days of unrelenting grey...

Clearly we were not the only ones who thought so either, as the place was packed with fellow wine drinkers out en force enjoying the last of the day's sun.

The hill leading up to St. Klara's vineyard was lined with several little stalls, all offering wine or snack food in multiple varieties.

As for Prague Ginge and I, we kicked off with a tasting glass of some very un-Czech Portuguese Calvas white port at 35 CZK a pop.

Cheers!! :-))

This was seriously nice and sweet, but all too quickly gone...

Heading down the path to Trojský zámek, we therefore stopped in at the official St. Klara vineyard stand, where we both had a 0,2l glass of Müller Thurgau at another 35 CZK each.

This was my sneaky artistic shot of someone else's drinks.

Prague Ginge had never yet tasted burčák, so picked up a sample glass from one of the stands.

I have never been one for burčák (sorry to all the fans out there), and as it turns out neither was Prague Ginge.

Still, here's my attempt at a second artistic shot of said burčák glass by one of Trojský zámek's several fountains.

As per usual, Prague Ginge and I were drinking rather than eating, but we did clock a few tasty treats on offer, from koláče and klobása to goulash and gouda...

And of course, there were the pre-requisite Czech folksy bands (whose names I never know) on hand to add a bit of music and oom-pah-pah joviality to the day as well...

A beautiful sunset over Troja rounded off a highly enjoyable afternoon and evening, as we both parted ways in order to sensibly go and line our stomachs at our respective abodes in preparation for the next working day.

So it's thanks Prague Ginge for the tip-off and the company - needless to say, you can count on me for next year's attendance as well!!

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