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Friday, June 4, 2010

Troja Vineyard

After days of seemingly endless gray, the sun has at long long last finally put in a welcome appearance, and I am reminded of halcyon Prague summer days gone by, a good number of which were spent up at the Svatá Klára vineyard (an historic part of the Botanical Gardens at Troja), enjoying a nice glass or two of chilled white wine from their copious vinný listek and taking in the scenic views over Prague.

These are my attempts at artistic shots from last August, when, as I recall, I was sharing a nice carafe of rýzlink with my fellow wine loving mum (on a visit over from the UK at the time).

With the weekend also set to be nice, I'd definitely recommend headed up to Troja for a pleasant afternoon of chilling in the gardens, taking a tipple at the vineyard, and enjoying a tasty paprika sausage from the little food stand to the far side of the park. But until then I have to keep this one short but sweet - the sun may be shining outside, but for the time being I for one am still in the office... ;-))


  1. Just by me- must give this a try. Thanks for the new tip!

  2. Found it today. Brilliant tip. Lovely!

  3. Am glad you liked it mate, but on the other hand on a sunny day, what's NOT to like...?? ;-)) Wish could have joined you!

  4. I heartily recommend a stroll in the Botanical Gardens (if you're lucky there'll be a Czech musical ensemble playing) followed by a sampling of the huge variety of wines in the vineyard shop, and enjoying the marvellous views