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Monday, June 21, 2010

Praha Bakeshop (a.k.a. Apology to Prague Ginge)

Great restaurants are nothing but mouth-brothels. There is no point in going if one intends to keep one's belt buckled.” - Frederic Raphael

Here follows my apology (in verse) to my poor, corrupted friend and fellow blogger Prague Gingue, for having knowingly led her into the path of temptation at Old Town den of culinary vice Praha Bakeshop yesterday afternoon...

Apologies to Prague Ginge,
Prior Praha Bakeshop virgin,
I’ve popped your cakey cherry,
And delivered you to sin.

I should have known that (like me),
Temptation you can’t resist,
I really ought not to have added,
To your (long) addiction list.

From the first bite of croissant and jam,
I could tell you were undone,
And that the coffee, cakes and cookies here,
Led to full-blown seduction.

In honour of your auburn locks,
I had the carrot ginger bisque,
Which served with mini garlic crispbreads,
Made for a tasty little tryst.

Were you in trouble with Czech boyfriend,
For being quite so decadent,
In buying two cakes to take away?
How at our leisure we repent...

I’m sorry I led you astray,
First at Robert’s, now brunch as well,
We’ve overspent and overeaten,
Both clearly bound for culinary hell...

Well, let’s be virtuous till next time,
Salads, gym, skimmed milk and all,
Oh, and in the meantime,
Have you met my good friend Paul...? ;-))


  1. Bravo. And thanks :) Or maybe not. That place was foodie heaven, so combined with Robert's, I'm blaming you for me needing to up my weekly KMs clocked :P
    Both cakes were Yummy with a capital Yummy, and I'm not in trouble because I paid with my Stravenky and even got change out of it :)

  2. Bravo! :n Entertaining and eloquent, as ever!