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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Red Wine Sauce

Just because I happen to live contentedly alone in my little Holešovice studio does not mean that I necessarily want to subsist on my classic standby of Norsky Salat pasta and Maggi-Mee noodles every night in between all my many and varied restaurant visits lately.

For this reason, quite often I’ll cook up a big batch of something at the weekend, freeze half, and then live of the other half for the rest of the week – this week’s job lot, for example, being my Mum’s delicious red wine sauce.

This is dead easy to make, but time-consuming in that it needs a good couple of hours to condense down to a really flavoursome sauce. Basically all you need to do is finely chop two large onions and two garlic cloves and sauté in olive oil till tender. Then add three tins of chopped tomatoes, a few glugs of red wine (any cheap plonk will do, keep the good stuff for drinking yourself!), a handful of mixed herbs, some black pepper, and bring to the boil. Turn the temperature down and simmer on a low heat for up to two hours, until the sauce becomes really thick.

Serve with fresh basil and parmesan on pasta, or with roasted aubergine and feta cheese.

Yum... ;-))

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