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Sunday, June 27, 2010


A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked.” – Bernard Meltzer

Football is a fertility festival - eleven sperm trying to get into the egg. I feel sorry for the goalkeeper.” – Björk

Sorry to harp on with the egg / football related contextual quotes. Fact is I was at vegetarian restaurant Radost with the All-Brit Female Review Crew for a pre-match brunch yesterday, and in the absence of other traditional meat-based brunch staples such as sausages, bacon, ham etc, there was no getting away from the fact that eggs in their various ways, shapes and forms pretty much dominated the menu here. Let’s hope YouTube is not right in its hypothesis that eggs might just have feelings too...

I’d been to vegetarian bar / restaurant / club Radost several times before in the evening, and even celebrated my last birthday there with drinks and dinner with the girls. This is not because I particularly like the food itself, which is non-descript at best, or the service, which is almost without fail painfully slooooooooooooow, no. Rather, Radost’s appeal for me lies in that it's a good “catch all” place to hold an informal get-together, where people can turn up as and when, order drinks or food as they like, and just sit back and relax in their atmospheric interior.

This was my first time ordering from their weekend brunch menu, however, which largely consisted of omelettes, scrambled eggs, bagels (with egg) and breakfast burritos (yup... also with egg). As a concession to the ovum-averse, the menu also features waffles, French toast, muffins and the odd cheese / tofu / peanut butter and banana etc sandwich option instead.

As for us, we collectively kicked off with coffee and bottled Cappy orange juice. The coffee was regularly brought round at intervals for free refills, but was unfortunately quite watery and stale, as well as coming served with only those piddly little UHT sachets rather than proper fresh milk.

Based on Prague Ginge’s rave review from her last visit, three of our party (including myself) went for the smoked salmon and cheese omelette at a hefty 185kč. And here's me thinking that salmon was a fish and not a vegetable all these years...

This came served with some lightly spiced diced potatoes and two slices of buttered not-quite-toast. I really enjoyed the rich, creamy omelette, with its generous flakes of smoked salmon fillet, oozing cream cheese and topping of fresh dill, but it was undeniably very filling – I’d definitely have preferred a light side salad to the heavy potato accompaniment, the majority of which I ended up leaving.

Girl in Czechland went for the Big Brain Scram at 135kč, which the menu described as “three eggs scrambled with spinach and enclosed in potatoes”.

We’d contemplated when ordering how the scrambled eggs could potentially be served “enclosed” in potatoes, imagining such creative options as stuffed potato skins and the like, but in the end they simply came dished up on top of the same variant of diced potato as before – clearly the “scram” in question had since made a successful bid for eggy freedom, in turn subjugating its previous carbohydrate conquerors...

Miss Not-Appearing-in-this-Review went for the Italiano omelette at 155kč, which came cooked with sautéed courgette (or zucchini, if you will) and topped with marinara sauce and parmesan. She described it as a kind of “pizza omelette” and commented that it was pretty tasty, but also very filling.

Though we obviously didn’t have our eggs accompanied by the traditional British bacon on this occasion, we were at least happy to have our good old Heinz tomato ketchup on condiment standby. Some things just never change... ;-))

As with most visits to Radost, the company predictably outmatched the food on this occasion, with service typically slow and with a tendency to sneaky overcharging on drinks.

Nevertheless a good time and reasonable repast were still had by all, with everyone collectively disbanding a couple of hours later to look on in traditional British underdog resignation as a mighty Germany inevitably proceeded to kick a woeful England’s arse in the footie yet again.... final score 4-1 to the Germans.

Egg on our face indeed...


  1. Prague Ginge is currently enjoying the wine you gave me, thanks :) I've never been disappointed by the food there but the service and overcharging is a real bugbear. Think I'll try the sweet stuff next time. I'm all eggs-ed out after yesterday.

  2. I honestly haven't stepped into Radost for at least 10 years (ok, maybe once, but really long time)...unfortunately it looks like nothing's changed except the decor. It was definitely our "go-to" place for Saturday brunch, even with infant in tow, but I can see why we no longer go...

  3. Ketchup and Eggs make me sick. Otherwise, good review, I won't be going there anytime soon. Ciao