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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

An Ode to Paul's...

At luncheon time in Flora,
There is but one place to be,
Chez toi, “tady” or “s sebou”,
Mon cher, Paul Patisserie.

As a rosbif, I should hate the French,
But I cannot tell a lie,
Your tartes, gâteaux and macaroons,
Are just too good to deny.

For me it’s your soups and salads,
Mr K - quiche, croissants, cake,
Oh! ‘Tis hard to be a woman,
In terms of calorie intake.

Of all your goodies sweet and savoury,
If I had to choose but one,
It would be the squishy, yummy loveliness,
Of your belle baguette de thon.

But your quality is costly,
Mon dieu! Mais non! Hélas!
Thank you Paul that in your goodness,
You at least take Gastropass.

You’ve another branch at Anděl,
Where I pop in quite a bit,
I hate to fault you, mon chéri,
But there’s nowhere here to sit...

Paul, my loyalties are divided,
Between Praha Bakeshop and you,
Let’s have a cake ménage a toi,
Thanks for reading, and adieu.


  1. work of a true poet! food inspires ;)
    i was given three huge macarons from paul yesterday and i think there's no need to mention they were delicious. thanks god they are so pricey, i'd get terribly fat otherwise.:)

  2. I think she gets her poetic talents from her Daddy!

    Dad xx

  3. Love it! But you do realise this makes you a Prague poet - it's just a matter of time before you hit the local open-mic circuit with your Moleskine...

  4. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

  5. What a talent! I do miss Paul's, but at the same time am thankful it's so far away :)

  6. Well done. Girl in Czechland, that was funny.

  7. Oh yes, how true :c
    I love their "kobliha" with chocolate, lemon tarte, macarons and salads. Oh and the hot chocolate and ice creams. Thanx God they're so pricey, or I'd be a walking talking ball of fat lol