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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Au Gourmand

Of the many cafés in town,
Of which I'm rather fond,
Next to Praha Bakeshop and Paul's,
The third is Au Gourmand.

They’ve several branches round the city,
Rytířská, Palladium, Old Town,
The Dlouhá one has a chocolaterie,
One of the better ones around.

Personally I love their quiches,
Which come in varieties galore,
Their yummy cakes and croissants,
Leave me always wanting more.

The bread used in their sandwiches,
Is all rustic-like and fresh,
The croque monsieurs and madames,
Are among the very best.

They do a small range of pastas,
Of which the lasagnes are great,
Their range of soups and salads,
Are good if you’re watching weight.

Like most posh patisseries in town,
The goods are rather dear,
But for you gourmands (or just greedies),
Then I recommend - head here!

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