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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Kebab of the Month - Arslan

Arslan at Anděl (Bozděchova 3) has for a long time been my favourite of all Prague kebab places.

I love its thick, fresh pita bread. I love the fact that they are generous with their sauce, and let you add your own chilli to taste. I love that they never ignore your request for “no onion” (an all-too-common personal kebab peeve). And I particular love the fact that they feature menu items such falafel, halloumi cheese and lahmacun that aren’t always available at other kebab joints around town.

When in need of falafel, this is where I head.

Unfortunately the last time I went, they wrapped it dürüm style without me asking them to, rather than serving it in the usual beloved pita.

Oh well, still good. Generous falafel and salad filling is hard to see, but believe me it’s there.

On another occasion I decided to try their halloumi sandwich, making sure this time that they served it in proper pita bread.

I have to say I didn’t like the halloumi so much on this occasion – it was over fried and tasted really chewy and dried out as a result.

That said, the photo shows pretty clearly all the positive attributes of the typical Arslan kebab – the fluffy pita bread, the generous fillings, the fresh salad, the copious sauce etc etc. I really must stop looking at the photo now – it’s just too much like kebab porn...

In terms of meat they offer the choice of chicken or beef, though admittedly I’ve never had either option myself, as I generally get stuck on the falafel – friends I’ve dragged along with me have commented favourably on the carnivorous alternatives though. Prices vary between 69 – 85kč, depending on what filling you choose.

All in all, I am going to give Arslan my highest ‘Kebab of the Month’ score so far of 9/10, the one point only been deducted due to the fact that they deprived me of my pita on the last occasion.

Other than that – highly recommended!!!


  1. man, that just makes my mouth water.

  2. That looks like a real kebab, Swedish style....

  3. yes, it is one of the best kebab points in prague! :)

    (and i remind you - dont miss kebab in politickych veznu street - the best one for me in prague)

  4. Best kebab I know (even after visiting the Arslan) is Antalya, unfortunately it is all the way in Varnsdorf (Kmochova street). Meat tasted better there and also the vegetables looked and tasted much more fresh. Pita bread is thicker and grilled for a minute. Carnivorous alternatives only..

  5. A kebab very close to the German ones. Except it was not as soggy as I liked and did not have cabbage. That maybe because we're not in Germany then. A very good tip, thanks!