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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Knedliky Etc on Prague.tv

I'm pleased to report that 'Knedliky Etc' is now being featured on Prague.tv!

From now on my weekly dining article will be premiering first on Prague.tv, before then being posted up directly on the blog a day or so later.

Here's the link to my first Prague.tv article on Šafrán in Malá Strana.

All entries will still be my own choice of restaurant and own independent opinions - just a different initial site to first view my usual write-up afterwards.

And of course I'll still be posting directly to the blog from time to time too with more random entries on such gastronomically diverse subjects as rohliky /Lidl / Kebab of the Month etc etc, so please stay tuned (I also regularly update on Facebook and Twitter as well)!

Thanks all for the ongoing support from my regular readers so far and welcome to anyone new visitors to 'Knedliky Etc' via this new collaboration!


  1. You could also post your reviews on www.expatscz.com where most of the regular expats.cz members have defected to in light of the new draconian measures that have been put in place - it seems to be the most popular expats forum in this country now anyway :d

  2. I think the main issue with Safran is that this is where La Dolce Vita used to be. As I am sure you are aware, La Dolce Vita ranked pretty much as the worst restaurant in Prague, especially for service.

    I was on my way to the Fish Restaurant the say Safran opened, and asked the waiter if it really was new owners, he said yes, but in an odd way. Not sure if becasue everyone asked that, or if maybe because they were trying to hide the fact.

    Anyway on your recommendation I will give them a try and see how they are.