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Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Best... Quiche

I’m not sure where Czech menfolk stand on this particular issue, but most English blokes I know are very much of the opinion that “real men don’t eat quiche” (though when forced to will begrudgingly admit to actually rather liking it). I’ve occasionally tried convincing some of the men in my life otherwise, but as yet to no avail…

For those more open-minded flan-fans in Prague, however, here is - in reverse order - my quickie rundown of best places to find quiche in the city.

PAUL Patisserie

It is no secret that I am currently embroiled in an ongoing passionate love affair with Paul (both Flora and Anděl incarnations), tempered only for my equally as ardent dedication to fitness and physique.

Still, on occasion I might be persuaded to live a little and order one of their mini quiches for lunch, which come in various flavours (bacon and Emmental, salmon and spinach, cheese and tomato etc), each priced at around the 80 - 90kč mark.

My only gripe here is that it would be nice to have a salad garnish alongside, rather than having the quiche simply placed plain and unadorned on the plate as they do here – otherwise a tasty little lunchtime number, especially the quiche Lorraine variety.

Au Gourmand

One of my favourite quiche spots in Prague is Au Gourmand (various locations), yet another French-style café franchise which offers mini tarts and full-size quiches in a whole range of flavours, from tuna to tomato and mozzarella.

Prices are similar to those of Paul, as is the lack of salad accompaniment – back in my Dlouhá days I used to pop down the street and buy a slice to takeaway, which I’d then jazz up with a bit of healthy salad at home, clearly figuring that the vegetable addition helped make up for all the calories in the pastry at least...

Praha Bakeshop

The other main contender to my affections on the café front, to which I have also previously dedicated a blog-based ode, is of course my beloved Praha Bakeshop just off Old Town Square. However, when it comes to quiche (and come to that, croissants), I have to say that Praha Bakeshop has the edge on Paul for quality – if you’re willing to pay the price that is.

Praha Bakeshop quiches come in a tempting range of varieties (zucchini and Swiss, walnut and blue cheese, goat’s cheese and sun-blush tomato etc), but start off at a wallet-busting 225kč for a single slice, rising to up to about 1,000kč for an entire large quiche. Which, on reflection, is probably why I’ve only ever actually had quiche here twice – on both occasions splitting a mini goat’s cheese and tomato quiche at a hefty 250kč with a friend. It says a lot for the quality that I still place it on top of the list though, even despite the expense – and at the very least you finally get the hitherto elusive salad garnish for your money here...

And so ladies (and all you gentlemen already out of the quiche closet) there you have it – enjoy and a non-discriminatory happy quiche eating to all!

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