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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Zapa Bar

Ever since Mr K and I stopped in at the atmospheric Zapa Cocktail Bar on a weekend away in Český Krumlov last year, Mr K has been harping on constantly about visiting the Prague branch so that he can sample another of their Almond Cigars – his apparent new favourite drink.

For one reason or another though, we somehow never quite got round to it until this last weekend, when we decided to round off a nice meal at the Botel Matylda with a digestive or two at the Zapa Bar on the way home.

First impressions were disappointing. While the Český Krumlov bar is set in an atmospheric stone cellar, the Prague branch, located in a downstairs basement just off Old Town Square, is pretty bland and sterile by comparison – not much to distinguish it from any of the other generic bars in the area really. I don’t have any photos of the interior, but you can compare pictures of the two on the website.

It was also completely empty from the time we were there (about ten thirty till midnight on a Saturday), though in fairness it was also a World Cup night, which probably made a big difference.

On our first visit, Mr K of course went for his long-awaited Almond Cigar (115kč), made with white rum, amaretto, lime juice and a whole cinnamon stick. I found it a bit sickly and syrupy, but Mr K still claims it as one of his all-time faves. I went for my usual Caipirinha (130kč), which was nice but seriously strong. Almost too strong. I had to get Mr K to help me finish it off before it went to my head and brought about an impromptu alcohol-induced nap.

Mr K had now got the cocktail bug, so on the Sunday we also stopped by for an after-dinner drink – again the place was near completely empty due to Holland-vs-Spain.

This time I went for another favourite with the Cosmopolitan and Mr K for a Fifth Avenue, both priced at 115kč. I liked my Cosmo, but definitely preferred the creamy Fifth Avenue, with its yummy mix of apricot brandy and créme de cacao white. Mr K claimed to prefer the Cosmopolitan as well, so we ended up swapping, though I suspect he was probably just being nice... ;-))

Overall verdict was that the cocktails were good, but that Zapa Bar Prague lacked the atmosphere or any other particular pulling points to lure us back any time soon, though that said we’d definitely head back to their superior sister restaurant next time we’re in Český Krumlov.

In the meantime though, Mr K has now as a result decided that his new hobby is to be cocktail mixing, and to this end has already been out to stock up on half the contents of the Tesco alcohol aisle and all the obligatory accessories. And so with cheaper prices (i.e. free to yours truly) and infinitely more atmosphere (if possibly slightly experimental results), I think it has to be Mr K’s apartment over Zapa Bar from now on when it comes to cocktails for me... ;-))

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