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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Botel Matylda

Hooray - Mr Knedlik is back!!!!!!!!

At least he was – temporarily. He’s been off NATO-ing it in Germany lately, and is now back in the UK for work – hence his conspicuous absence from this blog of late.

Just long enough in between then for us to revert back into our usual happy weekend routine of long lie-ins, Prague Bakeshop on the Saturday, Zanzibar / Tobruk the Sunday, cinema at least once, multiple rounds of Travel Scrabble, a religious debate-turned-heated-argument, and at least one nice evening meal out.

Seeing as we were celebrating his return, I left the choice to Mr K this time. He went for Botel Matylda, a relatively upmarket onboard restaurant permanently anchored on Masarykovo nábreží.

We’d been here once before last year, but it’s taken this long for the weather to improve enough to make another al fresco visit worthwhile. The interior looks nice enough, but we always prefer to sit on one of the few tables outside with the nicest views out over Prague Castle (reservations for this section definitely required).

(The latter was my attempt at an artistic shot).

Mr K started off with a Stella Artois (39kč), while I treated myself to a nice glass of prosecco (120kč per glass), seeing as we were celebrating here... :-))

As a starter we split the Carpaccio di Polpo at 195kč. Normally I am not the greatest octopus fan (either too bland or too tentacle-y for me), but with a goodly drizzle of rocket pesto and lemon juice this was actually quite flavoursome. Mr K proclaimed himself also a fan.

For a main, Mr K went for his normal choice of duck breast, in this case served with marinated pear and Drambuie (325kč).

We both agreed the duck was a bit on the overdone side, but that the sauce worked quite well with it. They also serve this dish as a starter portion, and even as a dessert – only with walnut ice-cream rather than duck breast for the latter. Clearly they have a job lot of the stuff going spare... ;-))

I opted for the grilled salmon with olive and sun-dried tomato tapenade at 325kč.

This was pretty nice – no complaints from me here. From the fish menu, I was also tempted by yellow-fin tuna with a fennel and caper sauce. Maybe next time.

We also split a couple of sides of gratinated potato with parmesan (55kč) and roast peppers with garlic and mint (45kč).

The potato was great, but I was a bit disappointed that the roast peppers weren’t served in larger halves rather than chopped slices.

As a dessert, we split the chocolate pinnacle with morello (95kč). This was seriously nice, made as it was with layers of rich brownie-like base and white chocolate cream. The sour morello cherry sauce and mint really set it off perfectly.

A final espresso (35kč) and beautiful sunset rounded off the meal perfectly, leaving a very happy Mr K and I both feeling happy and replete on a balmy summer’s night.

The perfect service here definitely deserves a mention here too, on our two visits being consistently polite, attentive and quick, without straying into the realms of feigned, pushy or rushed – pretty rare for a place (apart from us) seemingly frequented mainly by the Prague tourist contingent.

Not being the cheapest of restaurants, Botel Matylda is not one of our regular haunts and nor is it likely to become so any time soon. That said, next time a celebration and a hot summer’s evening coincide – you might just find us there.... ;-))


  1. When did you go there?

    I just saw that they have dramatically expanded. It looks like they have a second boat, and now a restaurant out on the water. Looks good I am going to go and check it out.

  2. About 5 weeks ago I think - will have to head down and have a look at the new expanded version.

    Hope you have a nice meal there!

  3. I couldn't post pictures here, so I put them on Expats. http://www.expats.cz/prague/showthread.php?p=1024635#post1024635

    The seating issues were the only reason I didn't go there more often. Now I will be sure to go there more.

    By the way you should put links to your blog on www.expatscz.com