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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Rezavá Kotva

It was one of those balmy summer’s evenings we’ve been having lately, and a newly-betrothed Mr K and I were trying to decide on another place for outdoor eats that wasn’t too touristy / expensive on the one hand or over-crowded / located right next to a busy main road etc on the other.

In the event we hit upon Rezavá Kotva, a semi-outdoor restaurant situated on Dětský ostrov. I’d been there once before with my colleagues, and remembered really enjoying the tapas there.

And so off we headed later that night, starting off the meal with a carafe of 2005 Australian Chardonnay at 149kč for 0,5l. All good here.

We had a flick through the rest of the menu, which mainly consisted of grilled meat dishes and tempting BBQ / seafood platters for two, but in the end settled for our first choice of tapas again.

It was late in the evening and we were both absolutely ravenous, so decided to go the whole hog and order the 18-dish tapas menu at 439kč to share. They also have smaller set tapas menus consisting of six dishes for 149kč or twelve for 289kč for the slightly less greedy of you out there.

As for the Tapas 18 menu, this consisted of (deep breath…) marinated salmon with olive oil and green pepper, marinated bocconcini with dried tomatoes, shrimps in spicy sauce, grilled eggplant with pieces of goat cheese, marinated plums in bacon, stuffed wine leaves with rice, fried jalapeňos peppers stuffed with cheddar cheese, olives marinated in herbs, fried squid in batter, marinated mushrooms of Andalusia, roasted peppers, chorizo sausage with capers, cheese tapenade with grissini, meatballs with spicy bean salsa, avocado with anchovies and pine nuts, jamón serano ham with melon, zucchini stuffed with garlic gervais, and last but not least marinated cheese with nuts and peppers.

This is it in all its glory:

I am very ashamed to say that between the two of us we quite easily polished off the lot. Each dish was quite small, so at the time it didn’t seem too much, but looking back at the photos now I retrospectively see that was actually rather a lot… Oh well, too late for feeling guilty on that front now.

Of all the dishes, I particularly liked all the roast vegetables, the stuffed wine leaves with rice, and meatballs with spicy bean salsa. The only one out of the eighteen I wasn’t particularly keen on was the cheese tapenade with grissini, which effectively just consisted of a tub of Dairy Lee-like cheese with broken breadsticks sticking inelegantly out of it.

The tapas also came served with lovely fresh ciabatta bread, of which we’d eaten the majority before taking a photo of the not-quite-so-attractive stumps – oops.

I think my attention to duty must have been waning by this point (read: we’d gotten through another carafe), as we also accidentally started on our shared dessert before I suddenly remembered to grab a not-very-good pic – how we were still hungry after all that tapas I really don’t know…

Either way, I do remember the cheesecake (49kč) as seriously brilliant, so clearly we somehow found the room...

All included the total bill came to 786kč, which we both thought was pretty good value for the sheer variety, quality and not least quantity of food we’d put away between us that evening. Add in decent service, relaxed atmosphere and beautiful summer’s night, and I think Rezavá Kotva might just be a new joint Knedliky fave… :-)))

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